About CSC Trikes

California Sidecar has a long standing reputation of quality and innovation in the production of three wheeled vehicles starting over 20 years ago with the Friendship side car. Then in the mid 80's the concept of building top quality motorcycle additions was taken a step further with the addition of the Escapade trailer, which became America's leading touring trailer of choice. It was no surprise that the legacy of everything from performance engineering to quality customer service was inherent in the California Sidecar Trike. The California Sidecar (CSC) Trike is one sharp looking machine and it performs better than you could ever imagine. Each CSC trike has the exclusive custom all-disc brake system, the revolutionary internal swing arm, the three point suspension system and the straight, in-line drive train. CSC trikes are longer and wider than most other trikes because their extensive testing has shown that their measurements are optimum for quality riding, safety and comfort. The Cobra & new Viper trike kit for the Honda GL1800 and the Daytona trike kit for the FLH Harley Davidson boost an independent suspension and plenty of optional equipment to make your trike the way you want it. Take one for a test drive and you will be convinced that the CSC trike is the one for you.